Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We got to go see Kung Fu Panda! It was so dang cute! Go see it if you get a chance!

Every Moment Counts

Yay! Finally a new post. Anyway I watch the Studio 5 show. Does anyone else watch that one? This month, their theme has been "Every Moment Counts". Isn't that the freaking truth? I keep thinking I can't wait until Bryce is done with school, or to own a house, or to have a bath tub! And ya all of those will be very enjoyable but I know we will miss this time of having no kids to worry about or a mortgage, etc. Plus Bryce and my relationship has grown so much as we struggle through these times of poverty. (Ok maybe that was a little bit exaggerated lol) We are so blessed tho. We have so much fun. Lately we have got to go to barbecues, go golfing, canoing, spend time with loved ones, enjoy the weather, and nap! The other night my mom came up to play and her, Bryce, and I got to just sit outside and enjoy the temperature and chat. These are some of my favorite people ever! So I guess it's the little things that count!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Little Homemakers

We are so proud of ourselves! We just planted our
first garden!


Oh my, I still haven't posted pictures of our trip to Cabo! I couldn't figure out how to make a slide show, so here is a really long list of pictures! Sorry! This one is of Bryce with our "Cabo jar." There ended up being about $500.00 in there!

This is the hotel we stayed in. It is so gorgeous! It's like my favorite part of the whole trip!

This is the pool. That pavilion is a swim up bar where we spent a lot of our time.

This is one "sexy" old man. I'm sure he would be thrilled to know he was posted on the internet in his speedo. Lol

Yes! Water aerobics!

Oh, so cute!!

''V" for Vacation!

A freakin bed on the beach! It does not get any better than that!


That's all, mwah!