Monday, July 14, 2008

Two years!!

Bryce and I just had our two years anniversary on July sixth! Bryce told me we had plans on Saturday night but he said it was a surprise. We got in the car and he took me up to Logan to Firehouse Pizza. I have been craving that place forever! If you haven't been there, you've gotta go there and try their Ph'zookie! Mmm they are so yummy! Instead of turning around and going home, he took me to the Anniversary Inn. It was such a fun surprise! Here are some pics of our room!This is our tub! Most of you know we don't have tub so I really appreciated this!
Our room was called the Imperial Palace so the ceilings were painted like this!
And these are our happy faces! I have such a great husband. He is the best of the best. He makes me so happy! I just hope that over the years I can learn to be as good of a wife as he is of a husband!

Happy 4th!!

We had a great fourth of July! We went down to the Provo parade with my relatives. It was a great parade, big! Our favorite part was the very first of the parade when all of the bikers go by. They started out at parade speed and then they were thinkin they were too cool to go that slow so they started to go faster and faster until they ran into each other. It was hilarious! They were both ok but I thought it served them right! My other favorite was the cute little missionaries. Everyone stood up and cheered for them. It was awesome!
Anyway after that we went and had... of course a barbecue! Then we went up to the Huntsville fireworks with friends! We even brought little Tobster along and he did so good. I just cuddled him tight and he tried to fall asleep. Here is a pic of some fireworks. Bryce was very proud of these pictures so I thought I'd better post one!