Sunday, March 21, 2010

So just a few funnies...

This is a pic of Bryce's Grandpa Vard. We love him so much! When he came to see the girls, he asked us why we didn't give the girls american names? Something to think about. Lol
This is a pic of my cute brother Kenny. Some of the boys have a hard time telling the babies apart. Kenny can tell them apart because Kambree is the "redder" one. I can't tell a difference in their skin tone but it actually works for him.Just one more. So I've heard lots of moms talk about pooping stories but I had my first memorable experience the other night. We have to feed the babies every three hours so one of the feedings is at three in the morning. I got up and started changing Myka. I was about to put a clean diaper on when poop comes shooting out. It shot all the way to the closet, which is a good two feet away, got on blankets that are in a basket on the floor between the changing table and closet, all over the floor, and on the changing table itself! So there I am at three in the morning, in the dark, cleaning up poop. I think I would have cried but my mom was there with me (she stays over once a week to help) so we were able to get a good laugh together.
Just a random pic of our cute family : )

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our family has now doubled in size! So crazy! Kambree and Myka were born on February second. They are just TINY! Kambree was three pounds, fifteen ounces and Myka was four pounds, one ounce. They are absoultely perfect but they did need to stay in the hospital to make sure they were consistently gaining weight, but were able to come home at eight days old! This is them at the hospital.
They will be six weeks old on Tuesday. Time has gone so fast! They are growing like crazy and are both over five pounds now. We are having SO much fun with them! They are such sweet babies and we feel so blessed to be their parents! Hopefully I will be a better blogger now, now that I have something to blog about : )

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wow! Ican't believe I'm such a LAME blogger. Hopefully we will be better now that it's summer (yay!) and we have more fun things going on. So the latest news is that Bryce GRADUATED!! We are so excited. It didn't seem like this day would ever come! It was a really fun day. It was awesome to see him walk across the stage. I think he had the loudest crowd there. It was great! After graduation, Bryce's mom had a get together for him where lots of people came to show their support.

Then we jetted to Park City for the weekend. We stayed at a place called Zermatt Resort. It's a swiss place. It was beautiful. It was so nice just to get away for a few days. We got to do whatever we felt like for the weekend.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Good times!!

Wow! Such a fun week! I actually have a few things to blog about! We had such a great Thanksgiving this year! It was also Bryce's birthday on Thanksgiving, so that made for a very busy day! This year was my family's year so we decided to go out! First time we've ever done that but it was so much fun! We went to Marie Calendar's and we didn't cook or clean up. It was awesome! Here are some pics at the restaurant...

Also one of my good friends came in from out of town, so a bunch of my girls got together to go to dinner. These are my friends from beauty school. We got to know each other pretty well spending eight hours every day together for two years. But man we have had some good times! We laughed so hard about weird clients we had in school, the stupid things we did to our hair, and the crazy things we did in general! This is a pic of all of us.

Anyway, good times! So much to be thankful for, it's unbelieveable! We are so so blessed!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So a couple months back, I was able to go back east with my dad and see some of the sights back there. All of my brothers got to go with my dad, so I told him it was my turn. My dad is a big history buff so it was so much fun to go with him. He had such a cool story to go with everything we saw. I know, everyone's not into the whole history thing, so probably just skip this post if you're not. Anyway I flew into Washington D.C. So first we went and saw all of the memorials.

This was the Vietnam memorial. It has all of the soldiers names that were killed in the war on this wall. It also is symbolic. It starts really small with one or two names of people that died, and then the wall gets bigger and bigger as the war went on. Then the wall started getting smaller toward the end of the war.

This is the Lincoln memorial. Way cool! It has Lincoln's most famous speeches engraved on the walls.

You can't see this very well but this is where Martin Luther King Jr. stood and gave his famous speech. It was on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. Who knew?!

This is the Washington monument. This picture was taken from the Lincoln memorial. I guess all of the memorials and the white house make a big T. Did anyone else not know that?

Sorry it's sideways. This is the Iwojima memorial, one of my favorites! Such a cool story. This picture is the most published picture that has ever been printed.

A turtle we found in the road at Gettysburg with my cute dad!

Tomb of the unknown soldier at the Arlington Cemetery. This has a body of an unknown soldier from each war. 

Mr. Vernon. George Washington lived it up! He was such a sweet guy. The people begged him to be king and he refused. Where would we be without this humble guy?

Hill Cumorah

Sacred Grove, what an awesome place. I love Joseph Smith!

Niagara Falls. So cool! We even went down on the Maid of the Mist! 

Anyway there it is, sorry if that was totally boring! I also got to go to the Smithsonian and the Holocaust museum which was pretty mind blowing! A trip I'll never forget! Thanks Dad!

Wow! It has been awhile! Not too much going on here.  We're just kind of taking it one day at a time. Bryce did get an internship, so we are very excited about that! He has been working so hard and it looks like it finally is going to pay off! We did have a fun Halloween party that was a murder mystery dinner. Then on Halloween we hung out with some friends. I was hoping to watch a scary movie,  so we sent the boys to go rent one and they came back with "The Burbs". Not the scary movie I was thinking but it was pretty funny. Anyway, that's all!